Many people believe that cl...

Many people believe that classical music has nothing to do with young people today. However, this issue(問題) frequently causes heated debate.
Some people say that classical music is associated only with old people. For example, if you look at the audience at a classical concert, the majority is over the age of fifty.
Others say it is more popular than we first imagine. Many young people listen to classical music without realizing it. It is often used in films and advertisements. For example, a famous piece of classical music was used as the theme music for the 1990 World Cup. Not many people could have given its name, but millions enjoyed it.
Also, some people point out that young people produce new music based on classical ideas: for example, it is said that rap(說唱) music was invented by a classical musician in 1912, but it is now used by young people in pop music.
However, young people point to the fact that classical music has been outstripped(超越) by technology. To play a classical instrument, such as a violin, you need to study hard and practice for hours. Nowadays, you don’t need to get aching arms from practicing. A teenager can write and make music using a computer program in the comfort of their own bedroom.
A final point to bear in mind is that the term ”classical music” is used to refer to a great variety of music, from jazz to pieces for large orchestras. This makes it even more difficult to say whether classical music is relevant(與…相關) to young people.
So, it may be only a minority of young people who play classical instruments, but when it comes to enjoying classical music, it depends on the piece of music. It may be more relevant to young people in the modern world than they realize!
Classical Music

The issue of whether classical music is 【小題1】 ________ to young people causes heated debate.


★ Classical music is associated only with old people.
☆【小題2】 ________ of the audience at a classical concert are over fifty.

★ Many young people don’t 【小題3】________some music they listen to is classical.
☆ Classical music is often found in films and advertisements.

★ Classical ideas provide a 【小題4】 ________ for producing new music.
☆ Young people now【小題5】 ________ rap in popular music.

★Technology has put classical music at a 【小題6】 ________.
☆ A young man can write and make music on a computer 【小題7】________ in his bedroom.

★ “Classical music” can refer to various 【小題8】 ________ of music.
☆ Classical music 【小題9】________ from jazz to pieces for large orchestras.

Classical music may still be 【小題10】_______ by young people today.
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